May 28, 2019


About Us


Orphans & Widows Education Care was founded by Kady Diarra and Winston Kone in 2018. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and our efforts are based mainly in Africa. We administer our donated goods to our people on-site in the designated countries to help distribute and offer aid. OWEC’s main goal is to offer help and provide proper education and support to the many orphans and to provide financial support to the widows in need.


My Story

Growing up in Africa, I’ve encountered many misfortunes and hardships that people in the Western world would call rather peculiar. I grew up in the Ivory Coast, and I always thought that these circumstances were normal until I had moved to the United States. One particular event was my childhood best friend getting married when she was 17 years old to her father’s friend who was 55 years old; living in poverty, her then-husband died after 5 years of marriage, and she became a widow at 22 years old with a 4-year old son. Without a job, she could not provide for herself and her son, and most of the time they would go through the day without food, shoes, and clothes with proper sizes. If they could find any, they would have asked a neighbor or begged for those resources. As such, life was very difficult for them, and one day her life had come to an end because she could not afford her Ventolin medication—her son found her dead on the spot with an empty medication case. His life went on an unending downward spiral, and he became chronically depressed without any support or therapy.

The struggle doesn’t end there, as her son was then adopted by her aunt, who supported him through and through albeit with a little less struggle, and after several years, he eventually died at 16 years old as a result of short-term sickness. This story had touched my heart, and I continued to witness my other friend becoming a widow as well, at 35 years old with 4 kids. These heartbreaking stories and close relationships were the deciding cause for me to start OWEC, and I am passionate and driven to make a difference for those in need, especially orphans and widowed life. Please join me to educate the world and care for these people.

-Kady Diarra


OWEC envisions a strong and engaged community of volunteers and partners that support all orphans and widows in achieving education and healthy lives.


Our mission is to improve the lives of orphans and widows in Africa by offering to help and provide proper education and support to the many orphans and to provide financial support to the widowers in need, and by building partnerships.


  • Collaboration
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Opportunity giving


The Orphans & Widows Education Care (OWEC) works with a variety of partners and collaborators. From county government to academic institutions foundations, and individuals, everyone has a part to play in making education care happen for vulnerable orphans and widows.

The initiatives administered by the OWEC have impacted live conditions for orphans and widows in Ivory Coast and Mali. Partnerships have been essential to this success.

OWEC is always looking to improve education and care through building new partnerships and strengthening existing ones. If you are interested in joining any of the efforts described on this website, or if you’d like to collaborate on a new project, please contact us.

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